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WICKES  -  TV / Online films for #ProjectPossible

To showcase the superior quality of Wickes' products, we created product demonstrations with a twist. We showed the roles of five everyday products in inspiring projects, from California to London. Having created five online documentaries, we then made a 30" broadcast trailer for each.


Awarded gold in the Online Film Category at the Fresh Awards.

Integrated campaign for Wickes Paint
TV for Paint

In independent tests, two thirds of tradesmen preferred Wickes emulsion over the brand leader. We demonstrated this fact by cheekily 'borrowing' the Dulux dog and also creating our own canine mascot, Wickesy. The controversial TV advert was supported in-store and on social channels.

Online content for Paint
In-store / digital / social channels

TV for Red Pencil Prices

Wickes wanted a big price promotion. So we took a motif from the quality films, the red carpenter's pencil, and made it the hero of Red Pencil Prices. As well as starring in a big TV push, the pencil motif also had a major presence in-store and in accompanying press ads.

TV for Next Day Delivery

To promote Wickes Next Day Delivery, we produced a film that showed the whole process from initial order to finished job without our workman leaving his post. After all, when a job's got your name on it, you want to be working, not shopping.

TV for Kitchens

Wickes wanted an advert that showed the quality construction of their kitchens and also highlighted their innovative features. We created this using match-cuts, which, in addition, conveyed the smooth process of buying a kitchen from Wickes.

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